Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Fall

Suddenly there seems to be a mass of swirling, dancing, morphing colours in the sky again, beckoning and tempting me. "Fall," they whisper, but I'm too afraid to obey, but I hear, again and again, the call, a whisper, then a shout, a breath, then a clamour. They want to drag me into their light, into their pulsating heart and drape me with colours beyond the imagination. They want to place me in the sky, where everyone can see me, but I'm too afraid. I don't want to be seen, to be known, not forever, not the way they want to immortalise me. I'm afraid of climbing all the way to the top and being vulnerable, only for you to shoot me down when you shatter my fantasy. It's a long, long fall from the top. I'm just not ready to risk glory for my life. I'm not ready to be seduced.


  1. Seriously're crazy XD
    Why so wordy? More pictures please :D

  2. It's meant to be wordy! Geez :P
    And why am I crazy? Not that I can disagree with that, but why do you think so?

    There are more pictures on my other blog. But I like words :)