Monday, March 14, 2011

Let the Music Speak

I want to play you a song to tell you how I feel. That's the only way I know how to say the things I cannot speak. I'll take you to a meadow, where the grass was allowed to grow wild and untamed, and with the guitar in front of me, I'll let it do all the speaking for me. The melody will wrap around you, and filter into your head, obliterating all other thoughts, until you do nothing but listen and understand what I am trying to tell you. The sky will mirror back to you all the things hidden in my heart, all those things I was unable to communicate in any other way. It will show you things you wanted to see, and some things you never wanted to know. And all the while, the guitar will speak softly to you.

I shall sit there and watch your reaction, for that is the thing I fear most in the world. Though I was afraid of what the world might think, of how they may cast me aside when I lose all sense of mystery, the enigma I maintained because I didn't know how to deal with consequences, I would still be brave enough to fight through it all, if only you tell me you'll stay by my side. I'm still not sure what love is, and whether I can be strong through all the changes it will bring, at least I will try. For you, if not for anyone else. So I beg, it's the least you can do, even if it means nothing to you, please sit down with me in the meadow, beneath the azure sky, and listen to the song I want to play for you. And if it turns out in the end that you want nothing of me, I shall lie, and say it was just a song I wrote about feelings I'd only imagined. I promise to never let on that it was about you.

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