Friday, October 22, 2010


The only thing I can say thank you for, is teaching me how to love. Thank you for showing me that to love someone is to treat them the way you never treated me.

Don't worry, your grip which is trying to stunt my growth, it's working in some ways; the problem is that you don't see that I've mostly slipped from your fingers. You won't know I'm completely gone until I've disappeared and you open your hand to insult me again and realise that I'm no longer there.

It's funny how your family are the ones who hurt you the most. But don't worry; the one thing I refuse to do is cry myself to sleep over you. You're not worth it.


  1. Are you okay?
    Family doesn't necessitate blood ties. Remember, you have family who love you.

  2. Sort of better now. I'm just sick of them having no faith in me whatsoever, and then on top of that, expecting me to do things for them as if I don't have my own life. I'm so close to telling them to fuck off right now it's not funny.
    What I was originally going to post was MUCH longer but I decided to scrap it because it was making me angrier.
    Anyway, breathe. I have to remember that some people have it worse.

    Thanks for the concern and support.