Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have A Little Faith

I feel like I've been pulled from orbit, away from a race that isn't towards anything, and down to here, where I have a higher purpose. They say that life is about finding yourself; I disagree, I believe life is about creating yourself, and that we are all here to forge the best person we can be from the person we are. I also believe that sometimes we need help.

Perhaps a glimpse into a lifetime where we were someone different would help us choose the things we think are the best for ourselves. Perhaps we need guidance, and they do say that spirit guides find you. Well perhaps as we try to enhance our spiritual awareness we should be in touch with those forces which guide us: ancestors, animals, angels, words of the lost. Sometimes, maybe they need a helping hand to find you, the way sometimes two people destined to meet need a push in the right direction. If only it were as easy as staring at the moon and whispering a prayer to the night breeze, willing it to take your words to those who were meant to hear them.

Trusting your intuition when it tells you that there will be a time, and a place when and where they will find you, you cannot help but be a little bit skeptical, a little bit impatient. Try not to be. They will come. Sometimes, you have to trust something you cannot see; have a little faith.

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