Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moments For Ourselves

It's that time again, when our only desire is to escape from this life. To press the off button, so that we may have some time to recover again our sanity, our interests, our life which we'd forgotten. Instead we must resort to stolen moments amidst out daily lives, quiet times to simply be, without distraction, or worry, or obligation. Such moments are always followed by regret at having lost that time, but those are also the moments which we look back at with warmth; for in fact, they were not lost, they were well spent. All the stress which comes afterwards is worth those snatched moments of peace and tranquility.

We should not shield our eyes from the world, because it is in the world that all beauty exists. Nor should we mourn time which we spent on ourselves amidst the buzz of routine. Often it is better for those moments to have existed, than not. There is no escape in being blind to the passing of time, there is only disappointment at having let the time slip by without taking notice. Whatever we may do, we must not regret moments stolen from life, for ourselves.

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