Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Serenade

We are merely particles in the space of the Universe; tiny atoms, floating around on this chunk of rock, sincerely thinking that there is nothing more important than ourselves. You try to show others what you're worth, that there is more to you than what may originally be ascertained. All the while, you are blinded to what others are trying to show you. But every so often someone does something miraculous, by looking past themselves and realising that there is someone who is more in need than they. We call these acts of kindness, but they are more akin to miracles.

Too often we are dragged from place to place, through conversations and through choices by our ego. There is something about the human race and its need to hide vulnerability, its need to never show a sign of weakness; we do not realise that weakness is what ties us all together - the common bond between all species.

Every so often we should let the guard down. We should let others recognise in us the things which scare them; we would find that we are drawn intimately closer, even without conscious thought. Unbelievably, but people fall in love with those who show weakness, because it is a reminder that there is something to be given, something that is needed. That vulnerability touches the darkest recesses of our hearts and compassion is drawn out, even from those who claim to have none. Yes, it is true, a person can fall in love with you simply because you cried.

This is the message that should be conveyed through songs and film and words. There is too much riding on the idea of a fairytale, when reality is not like that; and we all know it. It is time to inspire people, because there is such a lack of inspiring people in the world that it is disheartening; every person should be someone to another. You are, even if you don't know it.

Think: what could you do for another?
What could you do for yourself?
Sometimes we all need someone to lean on.


  1. Ah....its all part of being human isn't it?

  2. Yes. Of course it is. I wonder sometimes though, how often we use that phrase as an excuse for some things. It sounds like a lamentation every time it's said, and yet even though we have the power to change it if we'd wanted to, no one ever has. It's strange, don't you think?
    Sorry, philosophical state of mind. Feel free to disagree.

    Thanks for reading though.