Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shall We Dance?

To do just one romantic thing in this lifetime, it would be enough. To spontaneously take your hand when you're least expecting it, pull you to your feet and into a dance, holding you close and promising to never let go.

We'd sway silently on the spot, because sometimes, words interfere. We wouldn't have to dance to the music, or any music at all, for we'd be creating our own, together in our little space away from the world. For just a moment, we'd be oblivious to anything or anyone but ourselves and one another, locked in a dance to music no one else can hear.

I'd rest my head on your shoulder and breathe your intoxicating smell, feel your warmth radiating from beneath your clothes; you'd wrap your arms around me and form a protective cage. When the music stops, we'll sigh contentedly and relax into one another, neither wanting to let go. We'll close our eyes for a moment, to savour the feeling, carving it deeply into our memories so that we might never forget. Then we'll part, and smile shyly at each other, intertwining our fingers and standing close. And it shall be perfect.

The only question which remains is: who are you? It's not there is a shortage of people to ask, but rather, that there are only a handful who would let me do such a thing, and even fewer still who would sink gently into love in such a way. I'm trying to find someone who's heart beats to the same rhythm as mine, who hears the same music as me, who will dance to the same song as I.

Is it you?


  1. I've wondered on numerous occcasions how you find such fitting pictures. It's like as though the pictures are made for your post! Hahaha, secretly tell me... LOL, do you find the pictures first?! Hahahhaa
    p.s It won't be secret much longer :P

  2. Haha. Well, sometimes if I've got the idea first, I go and find an appropriate picture. Other times, if I'm not inspired, I go and find the picture first.
    Glad you like them though :)

  3. Aw, cute! Yeh, your posts are always interesting. New fresh take on life or else we'll all be stuck in the same place and wouldn't know how to get out. :)
    Anyway, how are you today?

  4. I'm glad you find them interesting. Especially because lately I've been thinking that they're boring because I always seem to write about the same thing.
    I'm not too bad, you know, just trying to study. A little worried 'cause I'm not prepared at all, despite studying and all.
    How are you?