Thursday, November 15, 2012


Maybe you'll never know it, or maybe you might've guessed, or maybe you're hiding the same secret. Either way, I'm sitting on the other side, holding a pocketwatch in my hand, watching the seconds tick by as I wait for you. My tailbone hurts from the hard seat, my head is drooping from the lack of sleep and my eyes are raw and bloodshot. But I do not have a way of giving you up. You crawled beneath my skin, between the sinking cobwebs in my heart, and spun a new web of sullen hope, pulling my ribs in tight and painful. Now I'm not sure how I'm supposed to breathe, but I'll keep sucking in the air, because I don't know, but you might just turn around and smile at me. It's not as though my heart hasn't shattered already. Quite frankly, there's nothing left to break.

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