Friday, November 23, 2012


Maybe I'm chasing a hopeless dream, because there are days when human interaction is out of my reach. Words form but fumble out of my mouth in the wrong order. My brain wants to say one thing but my tongue produces other sounds, stupid and irrelevant, so that I sound as though I'm trying to impress you. Maybe from now one I should stop talking and leave my words hidden in smiles and waves.

Still, maybe idiocy is worth it to make you laugh. Because I think you want the conversations as much as I do. I think you are as glad for my presence as I am for yours, so that the words that are exchanged like a tentative currency of love don't matter, only that they're swapped and collected in our hearts as vague memories of each other. Because in the end, I won't remember what you said, only how you looked when you smiled.

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