Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Paradox

I wonder if stars ever stare down at the earth and hope that someone is looking back at them. If you were a star with such thoughts, I would fight with every last breath in my body to show you that you are seen, that you are admired, and that you are loved.

You possess a quiet beauty, a subdued radiance, shining through in unguarded moments and lighting up the shadowy places in my heart. With the barest flicker of a glance, you stoke the flame of hope in me. Hope is a ruinous, beautiful paradox; strong and strength-giving, but fragile; uplifting, but heartbreaking. With the barest flicker of a glance you empower me as you destroy me.

But such is the way with stars; enchanting from afar, but dangerous too close. Still, I would swim through the Milky Way to find the one which is you.

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