Saturday, February 18, 2012

Light. Dark.

Slowly consuming, a disease eating from the inside out. Sweet intoxication fuelling this demise. I wouldn't stop it, not for the world. Though in the face of one door opening, a million others have closed, my mind narrowing its focus to a singular point, I would not give it up; I could not. This is the darkness with a single ray of light, this is the taint on a clean sheet, this is the torture we put up with for pleasure.

I want to lie on the floor with this feeling, basking in a thin sliver of sunlight streaming through the dark. I want to stare at the dust particles which swim through the air, caught in the gaze of the sun. I'll sigh, wistful. Maybe I'll lie there forever. Maybe that's what happens to those who start to fall in love in the dark - they're all burnt to cinders in the sun, forever doomed to float heartbroken through the air.

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