Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Potential Something

You like me.

Maybe it's not completely romantic, but it's better than the cold indifference I'm used to. And maybe it could be romantic. Maybe we're sitting on the cusp of friendship and romance - two almost strangers tying knots to each other as the waves of life tumble us around.

It's just that you and I make a moment last longer than the twenty seconds it ought to and that's not something I could accomplish on my own. It makes me think that you're putting some effort into making the conversation last too, so maybe there's something to this after all. I know I want there to be. I want this sitting on the cusp to tip into romance. Somehow I think you and I could co-exist independently of each other while still existing together in a relationship, and that's not something I've managed to think before. So either you're the first person I could actually have something with, or I've matured more than I thought, like a leaf turning brown before realising it had even turned orange.

And if it's nothing, at least I'll have a friendship to fall back on.

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