Monday, September 10, 2012

Would You?

If I pretended I was a drummer, would you drum along beside me? If I pretended I was a wave, would you crest with me? If I pretended I was a flower, would you try to kiss the sun as I do?

Could we create our own beat and crash with our own sound, and touch a warmth that belongs only to us?

If I wanted to be a lover, would you let me be yours? Could I trace a forefinger along the length of your arm, down the centre of your chest, from your larynx to your navel? Would you shiver?

If I wanted a best friend, would you volunteer? Would you laugh at nonsensical statements and jokes that hardly make sense? Could I talk to you at midnight and be sure that you wouldn't mind replying and comforting me in my loneliness?

Would you laugh with me? Cry with me? Make fun of me when I deserve it? Would you talk about books and films and music with me? Would you invite me along when you go places? Would you smile when you thought about me when you were away? Would you miss me?

Would you say yes?

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