Friday, September 14, 2012

Night Dancers

Let's have us a dance at midnight beneath a shimmering sky; you and I will twirl and your dress will billow out behind you. We'll stand at the top of a rich baroque building, monarchs of the sky, watching over those who do not possess what we have. We'll have the company of the statues which line the roof, and the moon, who smiles at us, her children.

You in a black dress, with a blood red flower in your hair, me in a three piece suit and a scarlet tie to match. We'll be a pair, don't you think? Rake your nails along my arms and I'll bruise your lips with mine. Recite murmured poetry in my ears and I'll growl you lascivious suggestions. Let your hand creep across my bare stomach and I'll start nibbling your neck. I'll pull you into me and push you against the balustrade till your dark hair fans over the precipice, staring into the beckoning space below. We'll become vertiginous, but not because of our height above the ground; I promise we'll be riding a different high.

No one will look up and we'll have only the stars to reign over us, winking as they watch our encounter twist and turn and writhe in pleasure. We'll choreograph as we please, changing the steps every time. If we wake up in the morning, purple where fingers grasped, then we know we'll have passed an excellent night.

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