Friday, March 23, 2012

Winter Souls

Winter is coming, I can taste it in the air. The cold will bring relief, it will cool the passion building inside. The burning will stop, the yearning stop scorching my heart, and I shall be able to breathe once again, the way I used to before; before I ever laid eyes on you, in the heart of summer.

Honey, we all have souls to save, and I need something to save mine from you.

But with the winter comes the dark, walking hand in hand with loneliness, which will scratch at old wounds till they burst open and bleed again. I would that you were there to kiss them closed. Would you come and hold me close and whisper comforts in my ear while the rain falls outside, drowning the whole world? Would you chase away those shadows which threaten to damn me?

We cannot all be saved, but I hope that you could try.

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